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Vueling campaign

Vueling, CESDA and Generalitat de Catalunya is a program created by Vueling and Centre d’Estudis Superiors de l’Aviació (CESDA) to train young pilots to be later incorporated to the airline. The initiative puts together professional training and employment offer, and it has the support of the Direcció General de Territori i Sostenibilitat of Generalitat de Catalunya.

At Colillas Branding, our team has been in charge of the design of a global communication plan to promote the course and to ensure a high enrolment of participants.

Advertising and Communication

Communication plan for

We have developed a global communication plan to promote the training program created by Vueling and CESDa, and supported by the Direction of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

We had to develop several actions, where all our departments were involved: design, communication, social media, marketing consultancy, programming and production. A few of those actions were:

  • Definition of concept and claims
  • Design of graphic elements for the campaign, including a photo session.
  • Purchase of advertisement spots in the specialised and general press, and in other spaces
  • Press release writing and press conference management
  • Design and drafting of creative contents for website
  • Opening and managing of social media pages

Design and marketing

Concept definition and design of all graphic elements

The program shifted from an idea to reality once they were in our hands. We identified the objectives they wanted to achieve, and we worked on different actions to make it real. We defined and shaped the idea of using claims and different graphic elements — design, communication and marketing consultancy working together to achieve one main goal.

We identified which was the message we wanted to pass, which was the public we wanted to arrive at and which were the best channels to use. And mostly, we decided to grab their attention appealing to their dreams. And this dream was the cornerstone of all the campaign: “stop dreaming and make it true: be a pilot”.


The initiative included the creation of different ads for newsletters and other supports. The team had an idea that turned real after a shooting session, organised by Colillas Branding. After finding the best model for this job, we took different pictures and, after some post-production, we achieved what we imagined.