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Sagrada Família

Towards 2026

The "Fundació Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia" was founded in 1895 to administer the construction of the temple, following direct instructions of Antoni Gaudí.

The foundation is composed by the Archbishop of Barcelona and other patrons. The construction, icon of Barcelona and recognisable globally, is built thanks to donations and the tickets paid by the thousand visitors that visit the temple every day.

Client: Sagrada Família

01. Website

We have designed and programmed the Sagrada Família blog, following the client’s needs. We have created an attractive website, which communicates the values and philosophy of the brand, and at the same time works to increase its online positioning.

The Sagrada Família blog was born with a clear intention: to tell all visitors the development of the construction and all news related to it. A site designed and programmed by Colillas Branding updated daily with specialised and general articles.

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