Branding - Colillas Branding


Pizzas with organic, quality and local products to help you regain the real taste. With this motto, in 2015, Parandu was born; a pizza place located in Barcelona who made dozens of clients fell in love. Behind the stove, two chefs who rely on creativity and excellent products to deliver the best pizzas in town.

Chocolates Torras

Founded in 1890, Chocolates Torras is one of the oldest Spanish chocolate factories. It has deep roots in Catalonia, but their presence is national. Their export capacity has brought Chocolates Torras to open market in more than 50 countries around the planet.

They are specialised in gluten-free and sugar-free chocolate, and they have been pioneers in using Stevia as an alternative sweetener. Their success has been linked to their effort in innovation and an extensive catalogue of products. They have more than a hundred different chocolate references.

Barcelona Carton

Barcelona Carton is Spanish leader and European referent in production of paperboard from recycled fibres and virgin fibres for different industries. They have an annual production capacity of 180.000 tones, a workforce of 200 professionals and more than 50 years of experience.


Movilfrit has been designing, manufacturing and commercialising catering machinery for hospitality since 1962. Their top-quality equipment for restaurants and hotels are sent to no matter their global location, thanks to their vast distribution network.


The Associació de Consultors d’Estructures (ACE) is a group of professionals with extensive and backed up experience in construction. This association works for more than 30 years to dignify the job of the structure builder and ensure the quality and safety of construction projects.


CESDA is the first training centre for commercial aviation pilots created in Spain in 2001. It has turned himself into a leader among its sector. They have more than 15 years of experience, and their training offer is backed by the professional industry, universities and public administration. It is located in Reus (Tarragona). It has one of the most modern and complete fleets. It stands out for their quality training projects, which can be compared to the top European training centres.

Palau i Associats

Palau i Associats was born with a clear objective: to be the advisory team of businessmen, self-employed entrepreneurs, and individuals when managing their fiscal, labour or commercial procedures. Endorsed by extensive experience in legal and financial consultancy, Palau i Associats offer their clients global and holistic attention, helping them to make the best decisions.

Ficep Ibérica

Ficep S.p.A is a company specialised in the supply and installation of industrial machines and high technology systems to process steel. Ficep Ibérica is its trading subsidiary in the Iberian Peninsula. It is located in Vitoria since 1989, and it offers a wide range of products and replacements through an exhaustive pre and post-sales service, and it keeps relations with other leading companies.

Comfort Union

We all have garments that feel extra comfortable on our skin. Clothes we wear when we arrive home. Pieces that help us relax and to forget about routine. With this idea and the willingness to help people feel it in their skin, Comfort Union was born. A nightclothes and a home wear brand for women and men that use a revolutionary cloth.


Monvaga is a Spanish company dedicated to the design, fabrication and mounting of metallic structure with extensive experience within their sector. Since 1982, they offer their service to different clients, always guaranteeing quality and tight deadlines.