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Epiforward 360

Epiforward: the voice of epilepsy brings to reality a great centre of knowledge about epilepsy, where all the members who work on it daily have their own space to train, communicate, transfer knowledge, and, of course, make the pathology visible.

Professionals, patients, associations, the pharmaceutical industry and researchers can participate and feel represented in Epiforward, as it has been designed by and for everyone.

PPG Industries

PPG Industries, Inc. is a U.S. Fortune 500 company and global supplier of paints, coatings and special materials. By revenue, it is the world's largest coatings company, followed by AkzoNobel. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PPG operates in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Industria 90 Group

The Industria 90 Group is a company founded in 1962 and dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of quality machinery for the hotel and catering industry.

Sixty years of experience in the hotel and catering sector. They wanted to celebrate by renewing their corporate image and relaunching their brand Movilfrit Official.

ESR Research

A company dedicated to coordinating and developing market research in different sectors and countries. Its clients are small and large global research companies to which it provides a complete holistic service, maintaining their trust through the professionalism and seriousness of its work.


Coutot-Roehrig España is the Spanish branch of Coutot-Roehrig, a reference firm in inheritance genealogy recognised worldwide for its excellence and reliability, creating value for its clients and partners uniquely and innovatively.

Thanks to them, more than 30,000 heirs receive their inheritance every year.

Fincas Cano & Pujol

The real estate agency Cano&Pujol has great recognition in this sector, thanks to more than 18 years in the real estate market. From the beginning, they have kept the main objective of accompanying and helping each client achieve the sale or purchase of a home as quickly as possible.

Quantum Capital Partners

Quantum Capital Partners (QCP) is a fast-growing international investment firm in Munich.

QCP focuses on businesses with considerable development potential, e.g. orphan and unprofitable assets of large conglomerates, ensuring a sustainable and profitable future for the respective companies with its entrepreneurial support.

Afry Global Channel

Afry Global Channel is the brands' gateway to Africa and their guide to finding and working with the best outlets on the continent.

They know retail in Africa. They know where and when approaching each customer and negotiate with companies to place products in the best spaces in the outlets.


Papresa is a paper production company with more than 125 years of history and a leader in Southern Europe.

In October 2020, Quantum Capital Partners acquired Papresa, marking a turning point in a century-old company. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new period full of changes and recent developments to grow within its sector and remain a leader.