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“Tot fet de debò i per endur"

Pizzas with organic, quality and local products to help you regain the real taste. With this motto, in 2015, Parandu was born; a pizza place located in Barcelona who made dozens of clients fell in love. Behind the stove, two chefs who rely on creativity and excellent products to deliver the best pizzas in town.

Client: Parandú

01. Branding

Our team was selected to design its corporate identity, with all visual aspects.

We were inspired by the retro – vintage style to create the logo and all elements that turned around this new brand. So, we created also merchandising products, menus, brochures, and all materials the business needed to run smoothly. Our team was also in charge of defining and producing all elements to decorate the space and the vehicles.


The secret is inside the box

The packaging is one crucial aspect of this business. It protects the content and gives a unique opportunity to show who you are. Hence, we created a pizza box that was functional and, at the same time, eye-catching.

03. Website

Once the corporate identity was established, it was time to work on the website.

The most important aspect for our clients was the menu. For them, the menu had to be easily reachable inside the website. So, we designed a website with a modern and attractive style that fulfilled perfectly that need. It was mobile responsible and full of juicy and bright pictures.

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