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Papresa is a paper production company with more than 125 years of history and a leader in Southern Europe.

In October 2020, Quantum Capital Partners acquired Papresa, marking a turning point in a century-old company. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new period full of changes and recent developments to grow within its sector and remain a leader.

Client: Papresa

01. Branding

Papresa has entrusted our team with changing its corporate image to reflect this new phase that is beginning.

In addition to designing a wholly renewed corporate image, we have worked on all its applications: business cards, e-mail footers, letterheads and envelopes, without forgetting the implementation of the new brand on the physical spaces of its factory and the preparation of merchandising products.


02. Applications

We have worked on all your applications: business cards, e-mail footers, letterheads and envelopes, equipment for employees, as well as any other element that may arise according to your needs. We have also designed presentation roll-ups, implemented physical features in different factory places, and prepared merchandising products for employees and customers.

03. Website

We have designed and programmed the new Papresa website. As a result, we have a modern design that represents the significant change in which the company is immersed.

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04. Social Media

We plan and execute Papresa's social media presence.

We generated content for the website and worked on the dynamisation of publications on social networks to strengthen the brand image.


05. Christmas

Christmas is a time of happiness and joy. That's why we like our clients to have their own personalised Christmas greetings.

On this occasion, for Papresa, we prepared a physical postcard on paper and video animation for them to send to all their contacts.

06. Multimedia

We made video material for the promotion of the company.

We created corporate videos for the company to present its history and facilities and document the significant change that Papresa is undergoing.

Timelapse of the construction process of the new EDARI

We have been in charge of the creation of a timelapse with the construction process of the new EDARI.

Timelapse of the remodeling of MP5

Another timelapse made for Papresa, this time to show the whole remodeling process of the PM5 machine.