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Palau i Associats

Consultants, Lawyers, Economists

Palau i Associats was born with a clear objective: to be the advisory team of businessmen, self-employed entrepreneurs, and individuals when managing their fiscal, labour or commercial procedures. Endorsed by extensive experience in legal and financial consultancy, Palau i Associats offer their clients global and holistic attention, helping them to make the best decisions.

Client: Palau i Associats

01. Branding

Palau i Associats came to us because they wanted to modernise their brand, to give it a new look.

Our team was in charge of defining a new logo, based on sleek, avant-garde and sophisticated strokes, characteristics the client wanted to see in the new creation. We also created and produced all corporate stationery (notepaper, folders, business cards, stamps). Also, we advised them on the best way to communicate to their clients their values and philosophy.

At the same time, and through all the relationship, we have been in charge of the creation of Christmas greetings, service catalogues, merchandising products (pens, calendars, among others) and advertising announcements.

03. Website

We have designed and programmed Palau i Associats’ website, following needs and requests of the client, and ensuring that it was user-friendly and responsible.

We were in charge of writing all contents, always keeping in mind their values and objectives.

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04. Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to not be on social networks.

First, we created all social pages. From then, we keep them updated with different types of content. The main goals are: gain new clients and bond with the ones they already have.

Colillas Branding'sSMM team is in charge of maintaining Palau i Associats social pages and to update their blog page with contents specially created to optimise their position in search engines.

07. Multimedia

Our team was the one that planned and conducted the photo session we had with the Palau i Associats team.

Palau i Associats is a brand that sends professionalism, freshness and proximity.
All Colillas Branding team came altogether to find the best way to pass their values to their audiences. Once defined, we ensured those were taken into account when developing the website or creating content for blogs or advertisements.

Then, we believed the inclusion of pictures of each of the members of the team reaffirmed the values they wanted to communicate.

Carla Martínez Riquelme

Fiscal and Accounting Department

Marc Carrasco Bofill

Tax advisor

Mireia Caparrós Alfaro

Tax advisor

Òscar Segura Ortuño

Tax advisor

Joan Palau Salas

Head of Internal Department

Montse Palau Salas

Fiscal Advisory Director