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Mutua Universal

Mutua Universal is a not-for-profit voluntary association of companies legally constituted as a collaborator of the Social Security with the joint responsibility of the associated companies.

Mutua Universal provides the services attributed to mutuals by applying its management model aimed at the highest levels of services and developed on universality, excellence, innovation and technology, and proximity.

Client: Mutua Universal

01. Multimedia

All the companies associated with Mutua Universal have this tool, through which they can easily manage the information related to their workers in terms of occupational and common contingencies.

Mutua Universal turned to us to achieve a fast learning curve and make this service known to its clients. They asked us for the best way to transfer the information and explain all the advantages of the Private Zone of their website to their customers in a close and transparent manner.

The result: a non-attendance training method designed and developed by our team. The channel: a series of video tutorials and printed manuals for consultation.

Clinica Online benefits for group medical

Mutua Universal tools

Mutua Universal Tutorial

Mutua Universal FAQ Video Proposal

02. 3D Animation

To achieve a product that would generate confidence from the start, we devised the use of a virtual tutor. Using 3D animation techniques, we got Doctor MU to help, step by step, to manage all the tasks in the Private Zone, always appearing, in latent mode, at any request made by the user.

Different proposals, models and scenarios were considered. We recommend you watch the exciting presentation video.

Presentation of the Mutua Universal project