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Specialist in metallic structures development

Monvaga is a Spanish company dedicated to the design, fabrication and mounting of metallic structure with extensive experience within their sector. Since 1982, they offer their service to different clients, always guaranteeing quality and tight deadlines.

Client: Monvaga

01. Branding

Product and service catalogues, corporate brochures, corporate stationery, advertisements, all materials that define their corporate identity has been created at Colillas Branding.

We have been working with them since 1999, one of our longest-lasting clients and one of those who believed in Colillas Branding from the very beginning. We were in charge of their logo a long time ago, and we continue working with them in all areas we can make the difference.

02. Website

Our collaboration with Monvaga dates back to many years when we created their first webpage. The years passed and their website needed a renovation. In 2017, we received the commission to redesigning their website.

The result was a modern and renovated website, user-friendly, responsive and with new and adapted contents.

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03. SMM

If you are not on social media, you do not exist.

It may sound a bit radical, but today it is inconceivable not to use and to be in social media. Monvaga wanted to be where their clients were, and social media was one of those new scenarios. One more time, they trusted us to be the ones who helped them navigate through this new media. We created all different profiles, and we update their social pages and create content for them. Also, to ensure a good flow of materials, we included a blog page within their website where to talk about Monvaga new projects, updates, etcetera.

04. Multimedia

Through all our professional relationship with this client, our team has developed different audio-visual pieces, for example, a video introducing the company and their installations, others about specific projects.

We put in motion all resources needed to create the best pieces, even drones.

05. Stands & Events

Colillas Branding has also been the one in charge of all Monvaga events. We have organised different opening parties for employees, clients and providers. We have been in charge of their fair stands at various fairs and events Monvaga has assisted, such as Construmat. We have offered them on all occasions a turn-key service.