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Médicos Sin Fronteras

Web platform and APP for the training of health workers

Médicos Sin Fronteras is an international non-profit organization of medical-humanitarian action that assists people excluded from medical care and threatened by armed conflict, violence, epidemics, neglected diseases or natural disasters, without any discrimination based on race, sex , religion, philosophy or politics. Awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, her reason for being focuses on developing actions that preserve life and alleviate the suffering of the people who inhabit this world. It is a financially independent organization that provides assistance without being conditioned by political, economic or religious interests; It is supported by private entities and by the donations of millions of people.

Client: Médicos Sin Fronteras

01. Training platform

The platform wecongress by Colillas Branding, designed to hold virtual events and training sessions, has helped Médicos Sin Fronteras fight the covid-19 pandemic.

Médicos Sin Fronteras was strongly involved from the first moment in the management of the global pandemic caused by covid-19 and that began to shake our world in mid-March 2020 .

Among the many medical-humanitarian actions to be carried out by the organization, it was necessary to set up a platform through which to hold online training sessions related to pandemic management .

We are talking about a platform that will allow them to disseminate information and training to healthcare personnel , nursing home workers and professionals caring for people sick with coronavirus.

02. This is

The main characteristic of is that it is a platform created specifically to give answers to the specific needs of Médicos Sin Fronteras; in this case, having a platform capable of hosting a significant amount of audiovisual information and, above all, that would allow the holding of live training sessions , without limitations, in a communication environment closed and with the capacity to store content repository.

At Colillas Branding, through , we created a communication environment that allowed Médicos Sin Fronteras to contact a multitude of people at the same time, without geographical, temporal or technical limitations. At the same time, achieving a real interaction between Msf, specialists and professionals in charge of people sick with covid-19 was also a first degree need, hence the fact that during the sessions there was a chat in director, with a moderator , through which those who viewed the content could resolve doubts and ask questions on time.

The platform stores the live shows or training sessions for later viewing and also has a discussion forum space that served to naturally create a very wide community of people interested in different topics, all related to the management of the pandemic.

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03. APP "COVID-19: Fórmate e infórmate"

We have designed an APP for mobiles and tablets designed to provide, in an easy and intuitive way, documentation, webinars and training on various topics related to the coronavirus.

Currently available for iOS and Android with content in Spanish and Portuguese, the APP MSF COVID-19: Fórmate e infórmate offers free online strategic and technical support to all institutions that are responding directly to the pandemic . It is intended for health professionals, geriatrics specialists, staff in charge of caring for the elderly, volunteers, and civil and health authorities from Spain, Latin America and other Spanish-speaking areas around the world .


04. Realization and audiovisual production of live virtual events

We have taken care of directing the live shows and managing the streaming sessions and their subsequent storage on the platform.

One of the hallmarks of the wecongress platform developed by Colillas Branding is that it is much more than a content visualization tool . It is a real solution to hold all kinds of online events and that allows and promotes real interaction between all participants , either as speakers or listeners.

The service is much more than a camera and a microphone: it also includes professionals from live production , technical management of streaming and moderation of questions from participants. The figures of the director, technician and moderator provide a plus that makes the final result much more than a recording; makes that a face-to-face event can easily become a virtual event , without losing functionality along the way.

We have the knowledge and the means to be in charge of conducting the live shows, assembling the recording set, directing the session, and managing the streaming technique. and the moderation of question and answer turns in online events.

If you are interested in creating a online training platform , holding a virtual congress or organizing a shareholders meeting or assembly live and online, with all legal and technical guarantees , wecongress. es is the solution you are looking for!

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