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Intendencia Montevideo


Intendencia Montevideo is the organ in charge of the control and administration of all government services of the Uruguay Republic. They selected us to be in charge of the design and coordination of their assistance to the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017, event held in Barcelona. This event was the perfect opportunity to show the world their efforts to increase their citizens’ quality of life through the use of technology.

Client: Intendencia Montevideo

Stand – the project (making of)

An exhibition space of more than 60m2. A vertical structure built in wood and with no supports. Four totems with eight independent monitors and a LED screen of 36 square metres, the biggest we have ever installed.

Those are some of the highlights of this ambitious project developed for Intendencia Montevideo for their participation at the Smart City Expo World Congress. We were in charge of the project management, production and global manufacture of the stand.

Stand – Project management and production

The stand design was created by Rosina Secondi and Daniel Appel, of Claro Diseño ( Montevideo), specialists in developing this type of projects. Their great job and constant support through all the process were vital for success. At the same time, this work could not have done without the help and assistance of Vicky Routin, a colleague closely related to our studio.

The relation with Fira Barcelona Gran Via, the host of the fair, was entirely done by our production team, who was also crucial to success.

Stand – Context and challenges

The Smart City World Congress is one of the most important events for companies around the world that work in innovation and design of urban solutions. The event hosts more than 700 cities from all five continents, and it is considered a thermometer for new trends and solutions in urban innovation, construction and urbanism.

Our team, at Colillas Branding, has a vast experience in the event’s organisation and fair stands management, but this job posed a significant challenge. However, nor the dimensions of the fair, or the magnitude of the client have imposed constraints to our success.