60th Anniversary of Grupo Industria 90 | Colillas Branding

Industria 90 Group

Design, manufacture and sell quality machinery for the hotel and catering industry.

The Industria 90 Group is a company founded in 1962 and dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of quality machinery for the hotel and catering industry.

Sixty years of experience in the hotel and catering sector. They wanted to celebrate by renewing their corporate image and relaunching their brand Movilfrit Official.

Client: Grupo Industria 90

01. Branding

Redesign the logo and create a unique logo for the 60th anniversary.

The Industria 90 logo has been redesigned to introduce the little fish characteristic of its Movilfrit brand.

One of Industria 90's main objectives for this anniversary was to reuse its Movilfrit brand. To this end, the logo of this brand has been modernised.

Finally, a specific logo was designed for the group's 60th anniversary.


02. Catalogs

Catalogue 2023.

In line with the rebranding in 2022, a new catalogue with a unique design has been created for 2023. Products have been added, and all product images have been changed to images generated in a 3D programme.

Catalogue 2022 special 60th anniversary.

Apart from the characteristic product catalogue, the client was looking for a catalogue to commemorate the 60th anniversary, adding commercial, product and category information. Great emphasis has been placed on its history and the evolution of its brands.

03. Website and SEO

Design and development of the new website.

Under the relaunch of Movilfrit as a leading brand in the Spanish market, we have created a new website with an evident structure, and 100% focused on giving all the necessary information about the products offered by the company.

The design is responsive to mobile devices: its content adapts to the image size of the device on which the website is viewed, regardless of the operating system used.

The result is a modern website with a beautiful design that attracts much attention thanks to the use of small video clips that give much spectacularity to the website's different sections.

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03. Social Media Marketing

Creation and management of social networks for Movilfrit Official.

To promote the Movilfrit Official brand, we created different profiles on the main social networks.

Together with our client, we drew up a Content Plan for the creation of content to be able to share news on the different social networks.

04. APP

An app has been developed for customers where they can see the entire catalogue of products offered by Movilfrit and place orders quickly.

A new tool to speed up the purchasing process for any product in the Movilfrit catalogue and in the palm of your hand.