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Friolisa Pomona Iberia


Friolisa Pomona Iberia is the trusted brand for independent restaurateurs, hospitality and collectivities. Leader in the distribution of food products for the HoReCa sector, arises after the acquisition in 2019 of the Geland and Cadaico companies by the French group Pomona Iberia. With a turnover of around 70 million euros per year, the company offers a wide range of products that includes frozen, refrigerated, room temperature and fresh produce, covering a wide range of options ranging from starters and starters to desserts and the best ingredients for the elaboration of gastronomic proposals.

Social Media Marketing

Projection of the brand and its services in social networks

As a leading brand in the food distribution sector, Friolisa Pomona Iberia works daily to maintain its leadership position and to expand its area of influence and sales volume.

It has the facilities and the technical and human resources to make it possible and it differs from its competitors, mainly, by offering an incredibly efficient, fast and close service, an achievement to which we must also add the company's clear commitment to new technologies, logistic improvements and the use of marketing tools .

That's when Colillas Branding comes into play, who co-ordinates with the Friolisa marketing team to help them project their brand in the right way on the internet in general and on the different social platforms in particular.



Planning, editing, publishing and monitoring of content on social networks

Generate visual impacts that strengthen the image of Friolisa, attract new customers and / or retain those already acquired, increase sales, publicize the wide variety of products and services of the company and offer an alternative customer service channel are some of the objectives with which the social media plan for the French-Catalan company is launched, which includes the creation of a whole network of social networks in which the main platforms are included, such like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.

Coordinating with Friolisa staff and always attending to their needs and objectives, the Social Media team's job is to plan monthly the contents that will be published in each of the company's social networks , studying and anticipating which publications will generate the most engagement, of what type and at what time they should be launched.

Content planning includes the edition of all creative copies that are published on social networks, as well as their publication, on a daily basis.

Blog, brand consistency advice, comment monitoring and branding curator

As important as knowing how to project a brand correctly is to control its online reputation. Social networks not only serve as a speaker to announce news and to promote services and products, Friolisa also find them useful as alternative customer service channels .

We talk about an attention that also includes a work of online reputation management , controlling possible communication crises and advising the company so that all its contents and messages keep coherence >.

Similarly, the monitoring of everything that is published on social networks is key if we want to analyze the success of the campaigns launched, something in which at Colillas Branding we are experts.

Not only do we manage their social communities, we also periodically update the Friolisa Pomona Iberia blog with content specially created to optimize their search engine positioning and generate customer loyalty.