Web, advertising and catalogues for Fincas Cano & Pujol

Fincas Cano & Pujol

Prime Real Estate

The real estate agency Cano&Pujol has great recognition in this sector, thanks to more than 18 years in the real estate market. From the beginning, they have kept the main objective of accompanying and helping each client achieve the sale or purchase of a home as quickly as possible.

Client: Fincas Cano & Pujol
Website: canopujol.com

01. Branding

Fincas Cano & Pujol defines itself as Prime Real Estate.

All the applications that Colillas Branding has developed for this real estate company have always sought to reflect its mission and values: presentation catalogues, calendars, information brochures, among others.

The company's image has also been adapted to the different advertising creativities for physical spaces and digital media.


02. Website

We created a new, clearer and more technologically advanced website.

First, we carried out a content analysis to build and organise the information, combining content for buyers, sellers and developers.

One of the critical elements was the property management engine. To ensure maximum clarity and usability, we implemented a bespoke platform that automated the update connected with their ERP.

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03. SMM

We took care of the management and dynamisation of social media for the real estate company.

We developed the monthly content plan for all the social networks, content creation, and the different creativities for each publication.


04. Advertising in digital media

We planned advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to promote both the company's services and specific events sponsored by the company.

We were also in charge of creating the creativities for several promotional campaigns for Cano & Pujol on real estate portals.

05. Advertising

Several advertisements have been created for local magazines and specialised publications in the sector.

We have also carried out mailing campaigns in the real estate agency's geographical areas.

On the other hand, different advertising elements have been created, such as sponsorships and sports collaborations.