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Epiforward: the voice of epilepsy

Epiforward: the voice of epilepsy brings to reality a great centre of knowledge about epilepsy, where all the members who work on it daily have their own space to train, communicate, transfer knowledge, and, of course, make the pathology visible.

Professionals, patients, associations, the pharmaceutical industry and researchers can participate and feel represented in Epiforward, as it has been designed by and for everyone.

Client: Federación Española de Epilepsia

01. Corporate image

Starting from scratch, we created the logo for the event.

The Spanish Epilepsy Federation commissioned us to organise a newly created congress space. Our team was in charge of working on the branding (search for the name of the event) and the development of the brand. The logo represents the brain, a vital organ for understanding epilepsy. We also defined the corporate image, i.e., typography, colours, etc.

02. Event website

Creation of the event website with all the speakers, presentations and sponsors' details.

We created a website to publicise the agenda of the event and all the speakers, facilitate registration and viewing of the event live, and view the presentations once they have been given.

Two types of profiles were created, one for private users and the other for professional users in the medical field. In this way, it was possible to restrict viewing certain content open only to professionals.

In addition, a 3D exhibition area was created with the stands of all the sponsors. In this way, an interactive space was developed where users could navigate through the virtual spaces of each sponsor.

Visit platform

03. Streaming platform

In an online event, it is essential to have a good streaming platform to broadcast live events.

Once users had registered for the event, they could access the platform with their details.

Before each session, a reminder email was sent to them, and at the beginning of the session, access to the streaming platform was enabled from the web to attend the session.

All these are thanks to our wecongress platform, which allows live viewing of the contents and interaction through Q&A sessions for the speakers.

04. Live streaming of all the sessions of the event

We coordinated the speakers and moderators for the live sessions.

Eighteen sessions were held during February 2023; each focused on a specific target audience.

Before each session, a test connection was made with the participants to ensure the equipment's correct functioning and that everything went smoothly at the start of the session.

05. Management of social networks

We took the reins of the Spanish Epilepsy Federation to manage all communications on social networks.

Once we had access to the FEDE's social networks, we were in charge of publishing and disseminating all the sessions and the latest news about Epiforward and any other information related to epilepsy.


06. Communication

We took care of the event's communication to ensure maximum media coverage.

Communication campaigns were planned using press releases to both general and specialised medical publications.

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