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Comfort Union

A kiss for your skin

We all have garments that feel extra comfortable on our skin. Clothes we wear when we arrive home. Pieces that help us relax and to forget about routine. With this idea and the willingness to help people feel it in their skin, Comfort Union was born. A nightclothes and a home wear brand for women and men that use a revolutionary cloth.

Client: Comfort Union

01. Branding

Comfort Union is one of our favourite projects because we were part of it from the very beginning.

The client trusted us to create its corporate image and brand identity. So, we defined the logo of Comfort Union, a logo where values and objectives were met. Comfort, relax and grace were represented on the logo, and those have been the leading brand traits.

02. Website

Clarity and ease are two of the main factors when designing a website. They will define how users will interact with our brand and our shop.

We took those two attributes into account when we developed and shaped their e-commerce structure. The result was an attractive and intuitive online shop, where users could buy all products easily.

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03. Social Media Marketing

Social networks are an essential communication channel for any company.

They were crucial for Comfort Union, a new brand. Colillas Branding and their SMM team were in charge of creating and maintaining their social pages, defining its identity and communicating its values to clients and followers.

We boosted its blog, with contents directly related to their client’s way of life, and their social pages. Also, we put in place online advertisement campaigns, on Facebook, Instagram and Google.


04. Multimedia

A picture is worth a thousand words fit perfectly in the fashion industry. Suitable pictures are essential for success, especially when talking about clothes and ways of living.

We helped Comfort Union to convey, through images and high-quality photos, the comfort associated with the clothes that were sold.

We were in charge of planning and execution of different shootings, for catalogue and lookbook, to create a broad range of graphic materials to be used in website, social networks and ads.