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Chocolates Torras

We love chocolate

Founded in 1890, Chocolates Torras is one of the oldest Spanish chocolate factories. It has deep roots in Catalonia, but their presence is national. Their export capacity has brought Chocolates Torras to open market in more than 50 countries around the planet.

They are specialised in gluten-free and sugar-free chocolate, and they have been pioneers in using Stevia as an alternative sweetener. Their success has been linked to their effort in innovation and an extensive catalogue of products. They have more than a hundred different chocolate references.

Client: Chocolates Torras

01. Branding

We have been in charge of designing, editing and producing different catalogues for Chocolates Torras, one for each line of product (Stevia, Sugar-Free, Organic, etcetera).

We have also made different tasks related to their 125th anniversary, such as the production of merchandising.


02. Packaging

The packaging of the Stevia line, one of the most successful products of Chocolates Torras, was designed by our team. Also, the same group was in charge of the design of the bakery line, inspired by vintage designs.

03. Website

We have designed and created the website and e-commerce of Chocolates Torras. The result ended being a modern and attractive design, embodying their values and philosophy.

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04. Social Media Marketing

We plan and execute successful social media marketing campaigns for Chocolates Torras.

We generate daily content, and we update their on-line publications in social networks to gain new customers, strengthen their brand, control possible reputational crisis and answer to customer questions and demands.

05. Direct marketing

We design for Chocolates Trorras a direct marketing campaign directed exclusively to purchasing managers of supermarket chains. The product was a closed suitcase, instructions and a sweet surprise for each that could open the briefcase. All were designed and managed by Colillas Branding.

The direct marketing campaigns are designed to create a specific reaction among one particular audience. The techniques used are focused on establishing direct contact with the target.


06. Advertising

Advertising has an essential role for companies and proper marketing management make a difference in results and outcomes.

The investment for advertising actions using different platforms drove Chocolates Torras to trust our team for the edition, creation and design of various ads. For example, some of the creativities used for brand or product promotion in mass media.

07. Events

We worked together with Chocolates Torras to create most of the stands they used for different fairs they attended, nationally and internationally.

Also, our team did events specifically designed for the promotion of brand or products in different spots or spaces.

08. Multimedia

We daily created multimedia content for different actions.

We created corporate videos, photographs, illustrations, among others, to promote products and to ensure our communication channels were well-nourished.

Video presentation Chocolates Torras

A very special audiovisual piece for informative purposes. This presentation video explains the origin of chocolate in a fun and entertaining way.

The editing is a combination of different working methods, 2D animation combined with 3D animation, mothion graphics and real images of the factory.

Versions of the video were made in several languages by different dubbers.