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Celsa Annual Meeting 2021

Together, stronger than ever

CELSA GROUP is the largest Spanish-owned steel company and Europe's second-largest producer of long products. The multinational comprises eight large business groups with steel producers, rolling mills, processing plants, distribution companies and recycling centres.

It has more than 9,657 employees worldwide and an industrial presence in Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Client: CELSA Group

01. Event website

Due to COVID-19, the annual meeting that Celsa Group holds every year had to be held in a virtual format.

Colillas Branding was the company chosen for the realisation of the event.

Thanks to the wecongress platform, we created a private access website so that users could register for the sessions they were most interested in, access the agenda and the documentation made available.

Celsa Group managed to bring together more than 2,000 people (1,600 individuals) in a large digital space and achieve the same results as in a face-to-face environment.

There were six days of connections from the UK, Scandinavian countries, Poland, France and Spain, where the use of simultaneous translations was indispensable.


02. Audiovisual production of the fake live broadcast

More than 30 hours of video material was recorded for the subsequent editing of the streamings.

All these videos were used to create a fake live broadcast, which was combined with live connections from the different companies of the Group.

These videos corresponded to parts of the event that were repeated for each of the different events.

This was a crucial element in avoiding the displacement of Celsa Group staff during the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


03. Multimedia

Different corporate videos were created as advertising spots during the breaks of each of the six events to entertain the attendees and liven up the meeting.

Several video pieces were also made for the online celebration of the different awards that Celsa Group gives to its employees during the annual meetings, thanking them for all their effort and dedication year after year.


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