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Barcelona Carton is Spanish leader and European referent in production of paperboard from recycled fibres and virgin fibres for different industries. They have an annual production capacity of 180.000 tones, a workforce of 200 professionals and more than 50 years of experience.

Client: Barcelona Carton

Event RISI

At the 20th edition of the RISI European Conference, Barcelona Cartonboard organised a guided visit to their installations for professionals from around Europe.

The appointment, exceptional for the company as it coincided with their 50th anniversary, included a tour around different areas and spaces of the factory. Later, all guests were invited to a catering area, under tents (built for the occasion), where various speakers took the floor.

Colillas Branding was in charge of the organisation of the whole event: coordination, service hiring, catering, hostesses, transport, check-in, among others. Also, there was a Colillas Branding team at the event, ensuring everything was going smoothly.


We designed different applications that were specific for the event: accreditations, adhesives and carton board coffins that kept different objects that were needed for the guided tour (shoes, ear protection).

Also, we designed a catalogue where all their products were shown. The result was excellent, mainly because it includes different printing techniques: stamping, UV gloss, dry print, die-cutting, among others.

Finally, we were in charge of creating different pieces of merchandising for the attendants, such as pens, notebooks, and roll-ups with ads.


The RISI European Conference is one of the most prominent international events for the forestry and paper industry. Hence, the visit to the Barcelona Cartonboard factory was a significant event of the Conference.

Our communications team worked as a press office, preparing press releases in different languages to be sent to specialised press.


Although we are specialists in creating corporate videos for companies, this job was such a challenge. We had to create a corporate video for Barcelona Cartonboard that commemorated the 50th anniversary of the company and their participation in the RISI Conference, all in one.

We defined the story-board, we elaborated the script and recorded all materials and voices, and did the final editing. We also coordinated the work of external providers, with Barcelona Tracks– voice, music and sound effects, and with The Grabbers Picture - drones-.

The use of drones during the shooting has a significant role because the images the drones recorded showed the astonishing dimension of the factory.

This video was not only the one we did for Barcelona Carton RISI visit. We also did a safety video to be shown before each guided tour, and it was entirely made by Colillas Branding team.


Corporate video

Safety video