Corporate image, new website and network management


You will never work alone.

The Associació de Consultors d’Estructures (ACE) is a group of professionals with extensive and backed up experience in construction. This association works for more than 30 years to dignify the job of the structure builder and ensure the quality and safety of construction projects.

Client: ACE

01. Branding

The Associació de Consultors d’Estructures came to us because they wanted a change of their corporate identity. They were looking for something fresher, more modern. The result was an isotype formed by different geometric shapes that fit together. This assembly represents the union of different professionals dedicated to different areas of the construction industry, which constitutes an association itself.

We do not only worked on the creation of their logo, but we also worked on the definition of their new corporate identity: stationery and applications.

Months later, we were also hired for the redesigning of their quarterly publication, “Quaderns d’Estructures”, edited and published by ACE.

02. Website

With a wholly renovated image, it was the turn of their website. We proposed a new design, modern and adaptable to the user needs, and all devices.

The new ACE website included an extranet for all their members with exclusive contents and documents.

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03. Social Media Marketing

After the publication of the new website, we were in charge of the opening of their social pages

Hence, the association has now Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter that are used to communicate about the association news or other pieces that may be interesting for their audience.

04. Multimedia

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the association, they trusted us for the creation of a documentary that showed the association pathway.

We were in charge of all aspects related to an audio-visual piece: production, recording, post-production, editing, etcetera.