It is not only about having great ideas

it’s also about what happens when you make them real.


360º agency

There is an old African proverb that says: “if you want to arrive fast, walk alone. If you want to arrive far, walk together in-group”. We want to arrive far with you. Shall we walk together?

At Colillas Branding we involve all our departments when working on a project, so we can achieve the specialisation each account needs, without losing the big picture. We work altogether with our clients, to correctly understand which are their needs and desires to ensure we can fulfil them.

We are committed to excellence. We love doing things right. We love doing them with our clients. We want to manage your corporate identity putting in place all tools, knowledge and creativity that we have. We want you to make the most of your business or project so it can arrive at where it deserves, and we offer you a comprehensive set of services:

Design & Multimedia

Photography and retouch
Art direction
3D animation
Corporative videos
Augmented reality

Web development

Web programming
CSS, Java Script
e-commerce platforms
APP development

Communication and SMM

Account management
SMM strategy design
Web content
Blogging and SEO
Crisis management and online reputation
Social network update
SEM campaigns
Web analysis, reporting

Events and Consultancy

Congress and fair stands
Event organisation
Event management
Photo sessions
Strategic consultancy
Implementation of processes
Business Intelligence and CRM
Our team
Miguel Ángel López Colillas


Núria González

Administration and purchases / Founder

Javier González

Online division director

Héctor López

Product Manager Wecongress

Dídac Soler

Graphic and audio-visual designer

Ester Ulloa


Kim Soler

Web programmer and Audio-visual designer

Loreto Bermúdez de Castro


Adrián Valera

Web programmer



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“1995 is far from now, although nothing has changed. We are still obsessed with quality, commitment and eagerness to ensure our clients achieve the results they want”.

Miguel Ángel López Colillas Founder

“The mastery of technology and communication is a challenge. We explore all avenues of thought, we confront it with the virtual world, and we achieve results that truly surprise”.

Javier González García Online division director

“When our clients believe their idea is impossible, it is because nobody has known how to do it. That is the reason why we enjoy breaking the impossible.”

Ester Ulloa Espinosa Producer

“The main purpose of an image is to show the essence of what it represents. To know and to understand our clients perfectly ensures that the values and objectives of our client will be represented in any design.”

Loreto Bermúdez de Castro Consultant

“Spend my time giving life and volume to elements has allowed me to create shapes and beings that go beyond reality. To imagine is to solve a problem in a world where illusion is the solution.”

Dídac Soler Ayats 3D and Multimedia Designer

“Sometimes, words do not arrive as far as we want. However, sounds and images are there to help them to arrive where our clients want to arrive.”

Kim Soler Caralps Web and Multimedia Designer

They have already trusted us.