Logo design, applications and signage for the tavern Les Taules | Colillas Branding

Les Taules


Les Taules, located in Cambrils, is much more than a tavern-bar serving tapas and portions. Les Taules is designed to have a good time: with friends and family. And with beer, good wine and good service. To cure the body and soul of all those who visit them through natural, local food, without preservatives or additives.

Client: Les Taules


Although it is a tavern defined by its dishes' flavour, by the quality of everything that waters its glasses and by the excellent, close and familiar treatment offered to its customers, Les Taules also needed a corporate visual identity. And so we got down to work at Colillas Branding, providing Les Taules with an identity.

The naming came from the client, who wanted to baptise the project as "Les Taules", but we added the word "Taberna" and the date, as it was what the decoration of the premises evoked. In the same way, it is located in Cambrils, next to the sea; it reminded us of the classic seaside tavern and was closely related to the offer provided to the client.

The typography is designed in lower case to make it easier to read and closer to the customer. A graphic complement is also added, the drawing of a skewer, which reminds us of the offer offered at Les Taules: simple and based on the product.



In addition to creating the corporate visual identity, we advised the brand on how to communicate who they were, their philosophy and their values; this is what we know as corporate image and is related to everything you are.

In this case, we felt it was important to emphasise that the space is family-oriented, close and local; Les Taules wanted to communicate this by labelling the premises with phrases that evoke everything they are. We were in charge of the signage at Colillas Branding, where we also designed all the applications: letters, napkins, packaging...