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Ficep Ibérica

Steel Thinking

Ficep S.p.A is a company specialised in the supply and installation of industrial machines and high technology systems to process steel. Ficep Ibérica is its trading subsidiary in the Iberian Peninsula. It is located in Vitoria since 1989, and it offers a wide range of products and replacements through an exhaustive pre and post-sales service, and it keeps relations with other leading companies.

Client: Ficep Ibérica


To assist to a fair, as visitor or exhibitor, gives the company the possibility to establish contacts with other agents, buyers and suppliers. So, it is a great sales strategy. Alternatively, at least, this is what we believe at Colillas Branding. Since the very beginning, we have encouraged Ficep Ibérica to follow suit and to assist to as many fairs as possible, and we have helped them in all occasions.

One of the most critical milestones in Ficep Ibérica was when they decided to assist as exhibitors at the Bienal de Máquina-Herramienta (BIEMH), which was held in Bilbao. Colillas Branding was in charge of their stand, from design to mounting all was developed and supervised by our team. The result was a total success.


To grow brand recognition, to increase sales, to attract more clients, to promote products and services in new communication channels, to gain new markets. All those are solid reasons to have an updated website and to be part of the 2.0 revolution. So Ficep Ibérica wanted to be part of it, and Colillas Branding was the agency chosen to build their online presence.

We worked for weeks altogether with Ficep Ibérica.

We defined a web logic that would fulfil the needs of the company, adding all products and services. Also, we established their editorial line that would apply to all their communications. We opened a blog site to share the latest news, and we included multimedia material in a responsive and user-friendly website.

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To not join the social media party nowadays is an inconceivable idea. Our SMM team was in charge of led Ficep Ibérica through this new scenario. We opened its social profiles, and to keep them updated with content created by our team. All content is timely uploaded also in its blogsite.