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We build and redesign brands with personality, with application guides for any medium. 

Graphic design translates a company’s identity into captivating visual elements to make a brand unique, easily recognizable and reliable. Make your new corporate image generate positive feelings that attract consumers.

As a graphic design agency specialized in optimizing brand positioning, we have a team of designers who will convey (and enhance) the concepts that define your business through exclusive design solutions.

You will find our graphic design company in Barcelona, where we provide services to both national and international clients looking to improve public perception of their brand.

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Graphic design


We create the visual universe of your brand through an exhaustive naming and branding work, so that your business reflects unique values.

We name your company, product or service, design the logo and elaborate a complete identity manual.

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Some of our branding work

Football heroes company logo
Alianza por la epilepsia en España company logo
Saray jilo company logo
Wecongress company logo
Grimau company logo
Epiforward company logo
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Graphic design

Graphic applications

We apply your new corporate image in any type of platform or format, so that your brand can shine every time it is captured in a physical medium: stationery, catalogs, packaging, merchandising, posters, displays and event material.

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Graphic design

Frequently asked questions about graphic design

Graphic design is a visual communication technique that allows transmitting a specific message through the combination of texts, images and symbols, among other inspiring elements.

The purpose of graphic design is to generate creative and original ideas that capture attention. Applied to the business sphere, graphic design contributes to improve the corporate image of a business.

Graphic designers are experts in creating powerful visual messages. To do this, they can use an infinite range of shapes and colors to achieve an attractive effect in the final work.

A graphic designer is involved in the client’s project from the beginning, in order to understand the values to be communicated. And it has the ability to build the visual identity of a brand or product.

Graphic design is used in practically all sectors, but it is especially relevant when companies want to advertise their products or services, or optimize their brand image.

What do our customers think?
“Colillas Branding has provided us with creative and effective solutions to address our business challenges. What I like most about working with Colillas Branding is how reliable and creative they are.”
Juan Ignacio Piquer
CEO at Grupo La Plana
“They take great care of the customer, they are available and quick. In general, they understand the customer’s needs and usually anticipate them. The treatment is professional and close. It is a pleasure to work with you.”
Marco Lamberti
Executive Director at Coutot Roehrig Spain
“The best part of working with them is the incredible professionalism of the team and the outstanding quality of the outcome. I would recommend global and local brands partnering with Colillas Branding, for outstanding achievements in marketing, branding, and activation.”
Giuseppe Caltabiano
Schneider Electric
“They have been creative, very serious in timing and professionalism. They know how to detect what it is that identifies with your idea and your values. Our corporate rebranding was a complete success! Even today, 14 years later,  still enchants and represents us. You know they are there to give you answers to anything you need and anything that may come up.”
Alicia Gracia
Director & Founding Partner at Byperson
“Creative and very professional. They always come up with ideas and solutions that adapt and fit the objectives. They bring a lot of added value and solutions to companies. I would recommend Colillas Branding to other potential clients.”
Miquel Sanchez
President and CEO at Papresa
“I engaged Colillas’ services when PPG acquired Ennis-Flint in early 2022. From the very first project it became our trusted agency, providing effective responses with optimal quality to projects with tight deadlines. It is always a pleasure to work with such a professional yet approachable team.”
Luz Romero
Market & Strategy Product Manager at PPG Traffic Solutions
“What I like most about working with them is the familiarity and the peace of mind that it will go well. The experiences have been many in different contexts and even countries. It has always gone smoothly.”
Manager at FICEP Iberica S.P.A.
“What I like most about working with Colillas Branding is that they have professional and personalized attention. They are great professionals.”
Oscar Larrosa Seval
TDR Assessors
“The work performed exceeds initial expectations, they always exceed. What I like most is the urgent resolution of problems without altering the project delivery date.”
Jorge Anton
Sales Manager at Polysto Group BV
“All professionals are highly qualified and adapt to the client’s need to achieve excellent results. Transparency, quality and honesty.”
Bruna Barbosa
Founder at Bruna Barbosa