Search and display advertising campaigns with Google Ads

Reach users searching for
your services or products

Search campaigns allow you to reach users who search on Google for the products and services.

These campaigns, also known as SEM, are perfect for increasing sales, leads or traffic to your website, as the ads are shown to users searching for your products and services.

Search campaigns are relatively straightforward. However, display campaigns provide many options, including remarketing, which involves retargeting a campaign to all those customers who have accessed your website and have not made a purchase.

The best way to choose the format is to define your objectives and target audience.

This type of campaign is divided into two parts:

  1. Campaign setup
  2. Monthly monitoring and optimisation

Configuration of the campaign in Google Ads

From 750,00€ + VAT
  • Creation of the Google ads account
  • Audience segmentation
  • Keyword study
  • GEO-Localisation of the campaign
  • Call extensions
  • Site link extensions
  • Featured text extensions
  • Site excerpt extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Price extensions
  • Application, review extensions
  • Group creation
  • Ad texts and CTAs ( 4 of each)
  • Integration of Google ADS with Google Analytics
  • Conversion tracking and synchronisation with Google Analytics

Monthly tracking and optimisation

From 325,00€ + VAT
  • From 325,00€ + VAT
  • Insertion of negative keywords
  • Bid adjustments
  • Remarketing
  • Modification or creation of new ads
  • Insertion of new keywords
  • Control and modification of matches
  • Insertion and pause of non-returning ads
  • Competition study
  • Campaign monitoring with monthly reports
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