Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns

Reach new users
thanks to advertising on social networks.

Instagram and Facebook are two of the most used networks by the general public; take advantage of them to get your products and services to more users.

Meta (formerly Facebook) allows us to create campaigns for both Facebook and Instagram in various locations, either in the Feed or in the Stories of the two social networks.


· Ads in Feed: These banner ads appear in the classic timeline and appear to be a regular post, albeit with the advertising/sponsored tag.

· Ads in Stories: These ads appear in the same vertical format as images or videos in stories. They are indicated as promotions, but they are very natural, and an ad appears every 4 or 5 stories accounts.

Videos, images and gifs can be used for promotions.

This type of campaign is divided into two parts:

  1. Setting up the campaigns
  2. Creation of a landing page for the campaign
  3. Monthly monitoring and optimisation

Types of Facebook Ads campaigns according to your objectives

Awareness: this type of advertising campaign on Instagram aims to obtain brand visibility. Ideal for improving the reach of users and the frequency of recall. It is also recommended for local dissemination actions.

Consideration (Prestige): it is recommended to achieve objectives related to clicks on the website and to present the brand as a valid option in the user's purchase consideration phase. It also improves the reach and frequency of interaction with the specific target.

Conversion: For app interactions, content downloads, lead acquisition or purchases, this is the best Instagram campaign formula for a company.

Considering the types of Instagram Ads campaigns and the specific ad formats, it is necessary to define the company's objectives and the most appropriate formats to achieve them.

Configuration of the Facebook Ads campaign

From 700,00€ + VAT
  • Creation of the Instagram account
  • Design of images / photo-transitions / 30″ videos / gifs
  • Audience segmentation (Facebook Audience Insights)
  • GEO-Localisation of the campaign
  • Form design and "Call to Action" extensions
  • Account connection
  • Web traffic tracking by Google Analytics

Creation of a landing page for the campaign

From 800,00€ + VAT

In this type of campaign, it is essential to have a specific page or landing page to which the ads point; it should be an optimised page with a particular objective, either with a contact form or the purchase page of the advertised product. Otherwise, the user may not perform any action after clicking on the link.

  • Landing Page design and programming
  • Configuration of Google Analytics
  • Installation of a Facebook pixel

Monthly tracking and optimisation

From 325,00€ + VAT
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Monthly reports
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